Approaches to personal tutoring

Our approach to personal tuition encompasses a range of strategies, but above all we aim to provide you with a tailored programme that is best suited to your individual needs. We provide assistance across the full spectrum of age and ability, from those facing particular challenges with their learning to assisting gifted students seeking to extend their studies. Our approach to tutoring is always determined by an assessment of the student’s needs and establishing realistic targets for achievement.

While many of our clients have children still studying at school we can also provide tuition at more advanced levels, for example to support those at university in areas such as essay and dissertation writing and improving exam techniques.

… a tailored programme suited to your individual needs.

Tuition may take place at the home of either student or tutor depending on the individual circumstances and at mutually agreed times.

Short-term tuition
Bath Tutors do not impose a minimum session requirement, but it is useful to characterise tutoring in terms of short or long term goals. Most often short-term tuition is taken up prior to an exam, where our tutors can offer a programme of intensive revision and preparation.

Long-term tuition
This is where it is recognised that a student is facing particular challenges in certain areas and requires ongoing input from a personal tutor to support their education in school. Our tutors will always proceed from an assessment of the student’s specific issues in order to provide a programme of tutoring specifically tailored to meet their needs. Situations can vary from students who are not receiving sufficient attention in the school environment (due to class size or other issues); where the student is experiencing particular learning difficulties; or even where exceptional students are not being sufficiently challenged or motivated by the curriculum and are seeking additional challenges. Our tutors can liaise with schools where this is felt to be appropriate, although this will always be decided in discussion with the client first.

Small group tuition
Rather than one-to-one tuition our tutors can also work with small groups. This approach can be both a valuable way to create a focused and stimulating educational environment, and also a way to share the costs of the tuition. If you are interested in taking this approach then we are very happy to discuss this with you.

Telephone, email and Skype support
Our tutors can provide an element of study support via telephone, email, and in some cases Skype or Facetime video link, to supplement the tuition sessions. We always encourage clients and tutors to exchange contact details at the start of the programme, and to establish how any such additional support services should be managed.

Essay or dissertation support
This can be valuable for students at university level who may need additional support in marshalling and presenting information. The determining principle in such situations is always that the tutor provides guidance, feedback and support to the student.