Subjects, levels and examinations

Bath Tutors can provide tuition support in most areas of study, covering both the usual and not so usual subjects. Our tutors can devise a personal programme of study and development, irrespective of the age or ability of the student, that will lead to a successful outcome.


We can provide tutors able to cover the full spectrum of schooling and academic study.

Primary | School Years 1,2,3,4,5,6 | Reception | Infant | Pre-prep | Prep | Junior | Key Stage 1 | Key Stage 2 | Lower Secondary | School Years 7,8,9 | Key Stage 3 | GCSE | Years 10,11 | Key Stage 4 | AS/A2 level | Years 12,13

Specific examinations & qualifications

We can assign tutors experienced in providing tuition and support in the following areas:

These exams test the student’s performance in English, Maths & Science and the results are measured against the national standard. They are taken at the end of Year 2 (Key Stage 1) Year 6 (Key Stage 2) and Year 9 (Key Stage 3). The results at Key Stage 1 can be an early indication of potential problems, while Key Stage 2 results may be used for setting in the senior school at Year 7, and at Key Stage 3 results for setting for GCSE classes at Year 10.

These are a requirement for entry to American Universities and are designed to test Maths, Critical Thinking and Writing abilities. The assessment is in addition to an A level entry requirement.

Most schools will set their own papers for entry at Year 3 (age 7 +) and Year 7 (age 11 +) usually to be taken in the January prior to the September intake. Generally the papers will assess the child’s performance in Maths, English and verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

The papers are set by the Independent Schools Examinations Board but marked by the school to which the candidate has applied. The exams are geared towards entry into independent schools at years 7 (age 11) and 9 (age 13). At both levels candidates will be tested in Maths, Science and English. At Year 9 (13 +) they may also offer any of the following: a modern foreign language (German, French, Spanish), History, Geography, RE, Latin or Greek. The 11 + and 13+ exams may be taken in the Spring term and in addition the 13 + exam may be taken in the summer term.

Candidates sitting scholarship exams for entry at 11+ or 13+ to independent schools will be expected to show a higher level of knowledge and expertise than for the usual entrance exam.

All students will take the core subjects to GCSE at Year 11 but towards the end of Year 9 they will choose their options to add to the core subjects. The GCSE course will cover Years 10 and 11.

GCSE – Years 10,11. AS level – Year 12. A2 level – Year 13.

Originally designed for pupils attending schools abroad, the IGCSE is increasingly being offered by independent schools in the UK in preference to the standard GCSE. The exams are generally considered to be a more rigorous preparation for A-level study. They are not offered within the state sector as they have not been accredited by the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority.

The IB Diploma Programme is a two-year curriculum leading to an internationally recognised qualification. Students study six subjects, three at standard level and three at higher level.

Bath Tutors can assist in the entry of private candidates for GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2 exams.

Applicants are expected to say why they are applying for a particular course/university and support their application with reference to their ambitions, interests, relevant skills and achievements, both academic and extra curricular.

Bath Tutors are able to provide tutors with specialist knowledge of, and experience in, teaching pupils with various learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Pupils may be home educated either short term or long term for a variety of reasons including ill health, school phobia or lack of sufficient challenge at school. Bath Tutors are experienced in devising programmes of structured learning, for pupils of all ages, to encompass the whole curriculum.

Bath Tutors provide literacy and numeracy programmes for adults. We coach interview techniques and provide appropriate tuition where a different level of expertise is required due to a change in employment.

Bath Tutors can provide support to students engaged in university study in areas such as effective research and presentation of information.

Bath Tutors provide one-to-one or group tuition. We can tailor a programme of English language tuition in the workplace for those businesses with a number of non-English speaking employees.

Subject tuition areas

Bath Tutors can offer tuition in the subjects listed below. We are continually updating our tutor register and regularly adding new subjects; if you cannot see the subject you are looking for please contact us for up to date information.

Accountancy | Arabic | Archaeology | Art (drawing) | Art (painting) | Art history | Biochemistry | Biology (botany) | Biology (human) | Book keeping | Business Studies | Chemistry | Citizenship | Classical civilisation | Common Entrance | Computing | Computer Studies | Creative writing | Critical thinking | Drama | Drama (theatre studies) | Dyslexia (reading, spelling, numeracy) | Economics | English (Language, Literature) | English as a second language | English for business | Environmental studies | Exam technique | Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) | French | Geography (human, physical) | Geology | German | Greek | Greek (Ancient) | Government | History (American, British, European) | Horticulture | Humanities | Information Technology (ICT) | Interview Techniques | Italian | Journalism | Key skills | Latin | Law (Contract, Criminal, Land, Tort) | Literacy | Management | Marketing | Maths (Applied, Core, Decision, Further, Pure, Statistics) | Media Studies | Music (instrumental, theory) | Motivational coaching (personal, business) | Office practice | Physical Education (PE) | Philosophy | Photography | Physics | Polish | Politics | Psychology | Religious Studies | Russian | Sociology | Spanish | Statistics | University Entry