Tutoring and training for business

Many companies and organisations are turning to the use of one-to-one or small group tuition to provide tailored business and work-related skills training. Companies are finding that the outcomes of such focused training programmes can often be more beneficial – to say nothing of more cost-effective – than sending staff away from the office to standard business training courses that must accommodate larger groups, and follow a fixed structure and schedule.

Optimal use of your training budget
Bringing in a business trainer to deliver bespoke training, on-site within your company or organisation, can minimise the disruption, and the travel and accommodation overheads of sending several employees away from their posts to attend a training course. Tailored business tutoring programmes make optimal use of a company’s training budget.

… improve efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction

Training on your own terms
Bringing in a business tutor to train your staff provides the flexibility to run training programmes on your own terms and to accommodate the times most suitable for your business, whether during the working day or in the evenings or at weekends.

Skill development to meet your exact needs
Training courses can be developed to encompass knowledge, skill and personal development for key individual executives or particular staff groups, or in some cases can be directed toward achieving recognised qualifications. Tailored training can often play a key role in optimising the benefit of organisational growth or change.

Business skills training
There are many business skills and corporate training needs that can be addressed through specialised business tutoring. These range from languages or written English for business to presentation skills, project management, customer care, team building, change management, and motivational coaching for individuals or groups. We can also organise staff training for systems implementation, enabling your staff to get up to speed with new systems more quickly and efficiently, helping to rapidly deliver the business benefits of new systems.

Training audits & needs analysis
We can even help your organisation undertake a training needs analysis audit to identify areas where specific training or staff development could help to improve operational efficiency and staff productivity and job satisfaction.

Bath Tutors are always happy to discuss your business training needs. Please contact us to find out more about the range of training and tutoring programmes available to help your staff and business become more effective.