The benefits of personal tuition

Even the best schools face enormous challenges in giving their pupils the levels of individual attention they need and deserve to fully develop their potential. This is why so many parents are taking active steps to support their children’s education through personal tuition, promoting the kind of positive experience of learning that builds confidence and motivation, and offers the greatest chance for academic success.

There are few second chances
The attention of a personal tutor enables your children to make the most of every valuable opportunity to learn and develop their academic skills throughout their critical formative years – a time in their lives that provides for very few second chances.

… keep pace with the demands of the curriculum.

A personal tutor can directly influence success
For children who are working toward the best possible exam grades the path of a successful academic career is determined by optimising the study time available and being able to keep pace with the demands of the curriculum.

The extra focus and tailored attention of specialised one-to-one personal tuition can be the decisive factor that will make the difference to successful learning and good exam grades, ensuring that you or your child is able to gain the most benefit from their mainstream educational activities and fulfil their academic potential.

Long term benefits
Moreover, the greater understanding and subject comprehension that comes from home or personal tutoring leads to a fuller and more rounded education, the springboard to a successful and fulfilling career in later life.

Building confidence & motivation
Personal tutoring can open up your children to an enthusiastic and engaging relationship with the subjects studied, promoting the kind of positive learning experience that builds confidence and motivation.